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Among the monuments and History Fuentes de León we can visit, include:


Another option we suggest is to spend some time visiting the Commonwealth of Tentudía and meet some of their localities and their corners, where you will discover their traditions and customs as well as its incomparable nature.

The Commonwealth of Tentudía, includes a total of twelve locations, Welcome, Bodonal de la Sierra, Cow Head, Calera de León, Fregenal de la Sierra, Fuente de Cantos, Fuentes de León, Monesterio, Montemolín, Pallares, Santa Maria de Nava and Segura de León.


Revolves around the name of Mt. “Tentudía“, name picked from a legend. According to this in this mountain, in the thirteenth century, there was a close battle between the knights of the Order of Santiago, the Master Pelayo Perez Correa, and Muslims. “In such was Pérez Correa when besieged by Muslims games were major battle on the large hill. It was near the Christian subdue the Saracens, but the sun was and that endangered the victory, it was presumed that the night would serve to shelter those who were now about to be submitted. He dropped to his knees on the ground and prayed to the Virgin: – Santa Maria, stop your day- . Through the intercession of the Mother of God, the sun stood still on the horizon and the commander had time to finish the race”.

In the following link you will find all the information to know the history and attractions of each of the towns that make up the Commonwealth:

Municipalities of the Commonwealth of Tentudía


Finally, highlight the town Jerez de los Caballeros It noted for its cultural and monumental range. Among them are four towers architectural beauty, a large walled enclosure with its various doors and numerous religious buildings such as hermitages, convents and hospitals.

In the cultural field we can mention the Museum of Sacred Art and the natural Brovales Swamp and Valuengo, as well as several parks and pond Albuera.

Panoramic with 5 towers Jerez de los Caballeros, Estremadura

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